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News: Welcome to FlexiFlame! Graphics and Layouts. Please read the Rule Book. Updated:All navigational CSS layouts, homepage, forum page. Music added in our forum!
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This is the rule book of FlexiFlame.

No spamming.
Spam messages are:
~ composed of less than 5 words.
~ don't have any substance or significance
~ not related to the topic
Spam threads are:
~ filled with unnecessary words/posts

Avvie and Siggie rules
~ Animated GIFs are allowed
~ Maximum of 100x100 pixels in size, no minimum range.
~ No edited avvies having foul, insulting or violent words.
~ Limit is only one siggie.
~ Having the maximum size of 500x100 pixels
~ No edited signatures or siggies that are bearing foul, insulting or violent words.
~ No posting of links of personal informations such as friendster and myspace profiles.

Graphics and Video posting
It is prohibited to post graphics and videos.

No flaming/ flame war.
No flaming or flame war.
Flame war counts:
~ personal insulting, individually or grouped especially in familty insults
~ direct insulting
~ posting with foul or violent words that are dedicated to members.

No offensive posting.
You musn't post that is considered as "offensing", even though you are an admin, global mod or mod. Evryone must be even in treating a member or a person.

Impersonating of staff members is not allowed.
mpersonatng may lead to a complaint, or problem. So please no impersonating.

No giving of any personal informations about you.
This includes Friendster email addresses, Myspace acc, email addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, cellphone numbers, etc. You can only do this in PMs. Multiply accounts are allowed.

Don't start threads that are dealing to an existing thread.

No off-topic responses, for short... stay on the topic.

No sticky caps (Just LiKe ThIs) or All caps (JUST LIKE THIS).

English language is the only language you can use in this forum.
No other languages is used except for English. Please check your spellings and grammars also. Strict English will be applied in this forum. You can only use Tagalog language in Member Threads.

No clubs and organiztaions are allowed.

Enjoy and have fun in our forum!

Graphics Using

No altering or changing of codes.
All the codes must redirect to FlexiFlame. So no altering of codes. All GFX makers must set the codes already to a FlexiFlame GFX by setting the code:


No redistributing of codes.
Only the admins are allowed to redistribute the graphic codes.

Graphics requesting Center

All codes must be setted up as what is stated above, in the #1 rule in Graphics using.

Layouts using

Advertise or affiliate our forum when using the codes.
This is the only way you can thank us in using or layouts.

No redistributing of codes.
Only the admins are allowed to redistribute the layout codes.

Please follow the rules.

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